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Heres a collection of some of my cosplays as requested. I cant fit them all on one post but I tried to get a majority of them.

  1. Tifa Lockheart- Final Fantasy Advent Children
  2. Spider Splicer- Bioshock
  3. Succubus- Original Character
  4. Rigby- Regular Show
  5. Taokaka- Blazblue
  6. Ringmaster Harley Quinn- Batman
  7. Gothic Juliet Starling- Lollipop Chainsaw
  8. Sailor Jupiter- Sailor Moon
  9. Hunter- Left 4 Dead
  10. Mileena- Mortal Kombat

If youd like to stay updated on my new cosplays, see cosplays that were not pictured (like sly cooper and my take on Hades) or see some more pictures of these cosplays follow me on facebook and deviantart

Thank you to everyone for their support, I love you all <3